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Technical Writing – The Process

When you work with Docustar, you become a partner in a proven system that guarantees the success of your documentation.

The following is a quick overview of the method for producing technical writing results:

1 Getting Started – Technical Writing
  • Rates: Before we start working together, you can receive a proposal detailing my services and rates. These rates specify the cost of a typical project. This enables you to estimate the project. For example, the cost of a project that consists of a 50-page guide, delivered as a printable and online viewable PDF with links.
  • Samples: I will come to your office with a suitcase of samples for an interview, presentation and initial consultation. You can see documents of the same type to which you aspire or I can advise you and show you samples of the type of documentation that you need.
2 Getting to Know You – Technical Writing
  • Research: Before arriving at our first work meeting, I want to read everything you already have, such as functional specs, design specs, existing manuals and/or marcom material. If you have little or nothing available, then I can draw upon my extensive bank of knowledge of your industry.
  • Your Sales Pitch: In order to get to know your product, I meet with your company visionaries, who are asked to sell your product for 15 minutes, as though they were in a room filled with your most important customers.
  • The Big Picture: I meet with a senior member of your R&D team who is directly familiar with your end users and knows how they will use your product. This person is guided through a process in which he/she will physically demonstrate and verbally explain the workflow for using your product.
  • SOW: You receive a detailed outline of the proposed documentation and a specific breakdown of costs. This statement of work (SOW) specifies chapters, sections and subsections, and the number of pages in each. Once you authorize the SOW, we have a budget and schedule, since the number of pages translates into the number of hours, and this translates into the cost.
3 Writing – Technical Writing
  • Drafts: I will send you a full first draft containing all researched material. It is ready for your comments and changes. You can convey this feedback verbally or by typing directly into the file using track chagnes. Another draft is then sent to you and you again provide feedback.
  • Production: After the content is authorized by you, I convert your documentation into a printable electronic format suited for printing or online viewing.

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