Technical Writing Services


Technical Writing – Overview

The more technical or complicated the technical writing project, the more  I am uniquely suited to the job!

DocuStar writes complicated guides and manuals that target your intended audiences. DocuStar's technical expertise is coupled with a strong appreciation for technology and for saving your time on the way to producing the best results for your target audience.




Producing Results

The first stage is to meet with your staff (software developers, hardware engineers or project managers) in order to interview them and witness a demonstration. The objective is to collect verbal and/or written information for the documentation.


As a result, I will provide an easy-to-read manual for the most sophisticated programmer, system administrator, engineer or technician or for an average or novice user.


My writing is composed of step-by-step tutorials and clear, concise descriptions of each facet of your product. Each manual is delivered with an attractive design suited for print or online viewing.


Barbara Sher of DocuStar attends to every detail in order to ensure a superior end-result in regard to content, as well as presentation.

DocuStar has created hundreds of manuals: User Guides, Operator Guides, Data Sheets, Tutorials, Technical Manuals, Programmer Guides and API Reference Manuals, among others.


These results have awarded me a long list of satisfied customers who provide recommendations. 


Barbara Sher – Technical Writer

0523-436535 – Preferred

09-7403840 Ext 105