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Last updated:
March 31 2011.

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Barbara was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA and grew up in Long Island. She made aliyah with her parents at the age of 13. She studied Math and Computer Science at Tel Aviv university and worked as a software programmer for many years.
Barbara Sher is a very active lady in both business and sports. She took up cycling after an injury in tennis and has been a steady participant in Cyclenix activities (almost every Thursday evening and Saturday morning) for the last three years.


On her first ride, she was very surprised at the new muscle groups that were required and benefited from a lot of assistance from John Cohen (one of the Cyclenix founders) who helped her when her legs wouldn't go anymore!
She says that she loves the extremely friendly and helpful group of cyclers at Cyclenix and enjoys the restaurant break that they always have almost as much as the riding.

Barbara's technical writing business, DocuStar Documentation Services Ltd., is known throughout the hi-tech industry for its professionalism, dedication to quality and good service. Barbara's ability to rapidly grasp technical concepts, as well as her professionalism, honesty and dependability are well known.


Barbara's skill and determination have also paved the way in the world of tennis. In Israel, she is ranked highly in her age group. In the 2009 Maccabiah games, she won two Bronze medals (singles and doubles) representing Israel.
Barbara is married to Raymond Sher, (himself no mean sportsman who has represented Israel in Lawn bowls on many occasions) and has two daughters, Anav and Loriel, one son, Gavin and a dog named Bailey.




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