Technical Writer

Technical Writer


Barbara Sher – Technical Writing Mission Statement


My mission: The future shines brightly for Israel’s hi-tech industry. DocuStar’s mission is to illuminate the way for Israel to achieve its goal as a leader in the hi-tech world, and to set an American standard of professional and caring service. Barbara-Final

In 1988, after many years as a very successful programmer and team leader I converted my company Barbara Software Services Ltd. into DocuStar Documentation Services Ltd.


My unique combination of computer and writing skills have given DocuStar the edge in the technical writing market.


I am known throughout the industry for my dedication to the customer's professional image, quality and bottom line. My ability to grasp technical concepts rapidly, as well as my professionalism, honesty and dependability, are well known.


I grew up in New York, studied computer sciences at Tel Aviv University, and technical writing at Wisconsin University in the United States. I worked for twelve years as a programmer, during which time I served as a successful software development Team Leader at Eldor Computers Ltd., receiving the 1986 Excellent Employee award


Early on, I saw the need for professional manuals written by a technical writer who understood the language of the programmer/engineer, yet could communicate with a wide audience. In 1988, I dedicated my efforts entirely to the field of technical writing. I then honed my skills and acquired the knowledge necessary to produce documentation products of the highest caliber. My experience in the field gave me the ability to anticipate the demands of documenting developing technology.


In 1991, I taught a full-semester course called the Technicalities of Technical Writing at Bar Ilan's Translation Masters program.


I am married to Raymond Sher of Barak II Home Improvements (0523-436-536) and have two daughters, Anav and Loriel, one son, Gavin and a dog named Bailey.


Barbara Sher – Technical Writer

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