Editing – Technical Writing

Docustar offers a full range of editing services for improving and augmenting documents that customers have written. Choose any or all of the following editing services, as best serves your individual documentation needs.
  • Content Editing, which includes a thorough examination and reworking of your text to ensure that it properly covers the topic that it is describing, that it is organized and that it contains correct and flowing English. I will make professional and textual changes and suggestions. I will suggest where information should be added or reworked. This process is performed without the need for an interview or demonstration. It consists of improving the existing content without DocuStar writing new content.
  • Content Enhancement, which includes Content Editing, as described above, but is much more. In order to perform this task, I will interview your staff and witness a demonstration of the product. This will enable me to augment the written material that you provide and to raise it to the level that best describes your product.
  • Proofreading and Quality Assurance ( QA ), which ensures that a document is grammatically correct, without typos or errors, that the DTP is accurate and thoroughly consistent and that the graphics are drawn professionally. The objective is to ensure that a good document is perfect. This service is generally intended as a QA procedure for professional writers.

Barbara Sher – Technical Writer


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